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Bermudian food, like that of many of the Caribbean islands, is the product of the combined influences of England, Africa and native cultures. Nowadays, little of the food is actually grown on the islands and most of it is imported from the US.

Bermuda has a few very typical dishes, the king of which is the Bermudan Fish Chowder, which of course I had to serve. Other types of seafood, such as conch, mussels, shark and other fish are also quite typical though I skipped them as I didn't want to serve a seafood-only menu.

I'm not sure if any of the main dishes I've found are typical Bermudian as much as family favorites, but they were probably traditional enough for this project. Incredibly, I couldn't find any recipes for vegetables (beyond Bermudian onions, of course), I'm not sure if this indicates a diet low on vegetables (which wouldn't surprise me, as they must be quite expensive if imported from the US) or that they're eaten in such a simple form that recipes are not necessary.

Bermudians love bananas, and I knew I wanted to serve them in my menu. When syllabub, my first choice for dessert, didn't pan out (I couldn't find a recipe), I decided to make a banana pie. A good choice.

My whole menu consisted of:

In all, my guests and us were quite happy with it.

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