A Bordeaux Culinary Adventure

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My Bordeaux menu is fourteen years in the making and I couldn't be more relieved to get it over. Fourteen years ago, soon after I started this project, my friend Lola offered to make a Bordeaux dinner for us. She did, and it was great, I still remember the bordelaise sauce she made with actual marrow, but she never gave me the recipes.

Finally, I decided to cook them myself, but I quickly found out that getting the ingredients was going to take some work. For my main dish I wanted to make Entrecôte à la Bordelaise which required bone marrow and Canneles de Bordeaux which required a special baking pan. Several years later, I finally accepted that I was not going to get them. Slowly, I decided to substitute those dishes for others that are perhaps less characteristic of the region, but that I could actually cook.

Bordeaux is most famous for its wines and these often appear in its dishes. As a costal province, its cuisine often features seafood, but beef, lamb and game have prominent places. This is what I made: