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Campania is Italy's agricultural Eden. A land rich with fertile soil and a shining sun, it allows for the cultivation of a wide of fruits, vegetables and grains as well as the raising of animals. It's the birth place of pizza and it's famous for its many varieties of dried pasta.

I had originally skipped Campania, but last week I found myself discussing with my daughter both what she wanted for lunch that day and what I would make for Family Dinner(TM) the following Sunday. My daughter said she wanted gnocchi, meaning that she would heat up a package of frozen gnocchi alla sorrentina from the freezer. I, however, thought she meant she wanted gnocchi for dinner on Sunday. A quick search online showed that gnocchi alla sorrentina is, indeed, Italy's most famous gnocchi dish. I had made it from scratch before for our Family Christmas Dinner last December and I had been quite pleased with it, but this daughter hadn't been there to try it. So I decided to build a Campanian meal around it.

This is what I made:

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