A Ceylonese Menu

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Ceylon is the old name for Sri Lanka, and thus Ceylonese food is basically Sri Lankan food. Still, as I encountered recipes for Ceylonese dishes, I decided to cook the cuisine now rather than wait until the mythical day when I get to "s" . I didn't, however, do an exploration of Sri Lankan cuisine, which I will do if I ever get to "s" . Instead I decided to get my feet (or tongue) wet on the cuisine by making some dishes with "Ceylonese" in their names. It turned out to be a good decision - as everything I cooked was quite good, if somewhat laborious.

Ceylonese cuisine is one of the original fusion cuisines, taking both traditional elements of South Asian cuisine and adding to them elements brought by colonizers and traders. The curry I made was unlike any curry that I had ever made before, being broth-based (and beef at that!) rather than yogurt or coconut milk based. The soup is a traditional Anglo-Indian dish with a Ceylonese touch, while the dessert seems completely Western to me. My menu consisted of: