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I know very little about the Mexican state of Chihuahua, but that doesn't stop me from speculating about its cuisine. What I first noticed is that both in name and in ingredients, Chihuahuan cuisine share much with its American cousin. Two of the dishes I made had English-language names (spanishized, of course) - and they had ingredients, such as soy sauce, that can't really be native to Mexico.

I'm not sure if these similarities come from shared culinary traditions - after all, Chihuahua is just next to Texas - or if the Chihuahuan immigrants to the United States brought forward American dishes to their state. In any case, we liked what we found.

I did not cook carne asada, probably the most typical Chihuahuan dish - I just didn't want to grill. But my choice, tacos de discada, is almost as popular. My menu consisted of:

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