A Gagauz Culinary Adventure

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The Gagauz are an ethnic group of undetermined origin and history. Currently, they live in a semi-autonomous region of Moldova called Gaugazia, though originally the word Gaugaz was used mostly by non-Gaugaz and considered an insult. They genetically related to Macedonians and other Balkan people, but they speak a Turkic language and practice Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Traditionally, they have mostly been pastoralists while also practicing agriculture.

Gagauz cuisine is heavy on meats and dairy products as well as grains. They are particularly fond of peppered sauces. Their foods tend to be very caloric.

As this was a cuisine I discovered after I had passed the "g's" in my international cooking project, I only made one dish, but one that seems to be a favorite of the Gagauz people:

  • Manja
    Stewed Chicken with Carrots