An Indian Culinary Adventure

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Indian cuisine is one of the world's greatest cuisines. It's by far my favorite. India is a land blessed with varied and abundant meats, legumes, nuts and vegetables - to the point that their upper classes were able to forgo meats altogether - and most importantly, a wide variety of spices. It is undeniably the greatest vegetarian cuisine out there - though there is such an emphasis on dairy products that vegans can still be out of luck.

India is huge, and as you would expect its cuisine is varied. I am visiting its regional cuisines one at the time. I have already cooked dishes from Assam, Bengal, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana and Hyderabad in addition to Anglo-Indian, Balti, Bene Israel, Cochin Jewish, Dum Pukht and Indo-Chinese cuisine, and I have many more regional specialties to visit (I have now hit Awadh). Still, I didn't want to exclude India as a country altogether, so this is what I cooked: