An Aguascalientes Culinary Adventure

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Aguascalientes is a small state in northern-central Mexico and one that, like most, I had originally skipped when cooking "A" cuisines. Indeed, it wasn't until recently, when I acquired a cookbook featuring recipes form each state from Mexico, that I decided that I might as well give each state cuisine a try. Even then, I might have skipped Aguascalientes because its cuisine features some of the most common Mexican dishes out there - those that homemade delicacies that Mexican restaurants catering to natives advertise as available on weekends: menudo, pozole and birria, among others. None of them have ever tempted me.

Still, Aguascalientes' most famous dish is none of these and instead it's a chicken dish with a most romantic story attached to it. So I had to make it.

Fun fact. There is no adjective for Aguascalientes in English. The name of the state translates as "Warm Waters" and the Spanish adjective is hidrocálido, which does not cease to amuse me.