An Andorran Culinary Adventure

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The tiny Catalan principality of Andorra lies in the remote Pyrinee mountains Its cuisine reflects the flora and fauna of the region, and relies heavily on wild game, mushroom and fish. Andorrans also raise sheep and pigs and grow potatoes and other vegetables. Dishes are simple and they are known for the stews.

When I first cooked "A" cuisines in the early 00's, I couldn't find a full Andorran menu so I skipped it. A decade and a half later when I'm ready to cook just one dish, I was constrained by the fact that my animal-lover, vegetarian children becoming very borish if we eat any meat that is not from a chicken and cow, therefore most of the more traditional Andorran dishes were out of the question. I decided upon trinxat because it's mostly vegetarian.

  • Trinxat
    A simple dish of mashed cabbage & potatoes with bacon