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I came across the existence of an Anglo-Indian cuisine while searching for Bengali recipes. You could characterized Anglo-Indian food as the mother of the fusion movement, it's the cuisine that evolved from the fusion of English tastes with Indian ingredients and cooking skills. It's the food that Indian chefs prepared for the English sahibs and that the children of mixed parents - the true Anglo-Indians - adopted for themselves.

What I find most interesting about this cuisine is that you can so clearly see its double heritage. Mulligatawny soup, for example, was invented to satisfy the English taste for soups (Indians don't eat them), but it is bright and full of flavor. Anglo-Indian food lacks the spiciness of Indian food and the blandness of English food - it's really a perfect marriage of the two.

My menu was a little bit simpler than what it would be served at an Anglo-Indian dinner party, at least during Victorian times, but it worked quite well for the four of us. It consisted of:

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