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When I think of Australian "cuisine" (and I put it in quotation marks because I don't think of Australian "cuisine" as such), what comes to mind is beef, lamb and shrimp on the barbie. An internet search and visits to various sites that discuss Australian cuisine showed me that the culinary prowess of our Aussie friends go further than that - they have, for example, incorporated many south-east Asian dishes and flavors into their repertoire - but they still heavily rely on meat. Many of the most typical dishes I thought of making were meat based, but alas one of my guests does not eat meat or seafood. She does eat chicken, though, and that's why I chose Apricot Chicken as my main course, as I found several different recipes for this dish. Finding a vegetarian appetizer also did not prove easy, and I'm still not sure how "authentic" it is. The other elements of the meal, however, were very Australian.

My final menu consisted of:

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