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Xinxim de Galinha

Bahian Chicken Stew

xinxim Bahians love their seafood so much that it shows up in all sorts of dishes, like this very traditional chicken stew which calls for both fresh and ground shrimp. The stew also requires palm oil (available at stores selling Caribbean and African food products) and malagueta peppers. These are small, short and fierce peppers, preserved in vinegar. I was able to find a jar of them at a La Plaza Market in LA. If you don't find them you can probably substitute with a (seeded) habanero pepper, or even half a teaspoon or so of ground red pepper. Taste it and see.

The stew was good and all my guests liked it, but I thought that while it was well balanced and tasty, it wasn't good enough to justify all the fat. If I made it again I might try skipping the palm oil.

Xinxim is traditionally served with malagueta pepper sauce, vatapa, farofa and white rice.

Xinxim de Galinha


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