A Balti Meal

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Even now, I'm not exactly sure what Balti cuisine is. As best as I can understand it, it's Indian food as we know it in the West. Apparently, Indian chefs living in England drew on the recipes and cooking methods of Northern India (and perhaps Kashmir in particular) to come up with dishes that could be easily and economically served in their restaurants. The name Balti comes from the wok-type pot in which the food is cooked. For more information, check wikipedia.

Unlike other Indian dishes, which are meant to be eaten as part of a wider spread, balti dishes stand on their own, to be accompanied only by nan bread. For that reason, I made each dish on a different night. The results were actually pretty good, though not, IMHO, outstanding. I won't be losing Favorite India's telephone number any time soon.

The dishes I made included:

A prior attempt at Balti Lamb Tikka was unsuccessful.

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