A Bavarian Culinary Adventure

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Even though my German ancestors came from Saxony, Bavaria has always had a special place in my heart. For one, when I think of Bavaria I think of Oktoberfest, sun and beer, and what sounds better than that? For another, many ages ago, when I was a traveler in Mexico, I had short but intense affair with a fellow traveler who was from Bavaria. This is not the place to reminise about lost loves, but when I think of Bavaria I think of him and my youth.

I actually have been to Bavaria. Many years ago I spent a few days in Nuremberg and ate at many of its Greek restaurants. Seriously, I had to insist that we go to a German restaurant – my hosts, apparently, were sick of Bavarian food. I can tell you, though, that Greek Bavarian food is great.

I skipped Bavaria when I first came to the “B”s in the mid-2000s mostly because at the time I couldn't find enough recipes from the area. The web has grown immensely since then and now it's pretty much impossible to not find recipes from any particular place, time or ethnicity. Indeed, I have discovered so many cuisines that start from A-F, that I have barely made any progress on the “Gs”.

The Bavarian food I cooked was quite good, the two desserts in particular. This is what I made: