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Pork Kavarma Kebap

Pork kavarma kebap Kavarma Kebap is a very traditional Bulgarian dish and, as you can expect, there are several different recipes for it. The one I made was a combination of a couple, and proved to be both simple and delicious - so much so that I made it again the next day (using red wine, which I wouldn't recommend). It also manages to have both a familiar and exotic flavor and it's much recommended. Do use a good quality paprika (I used Hungarian).

Shopska Salad

Pork Kavarma Kebap


Heat the oil in a medium-size sauce pan to medium-high. Add the pork and fry until brown on all sides. Remove with a slotted spoon. Add the leeks and cook until brown. Add tomato paste, paprika, pepper and salt, mix well. Add water and wine and mix well. Add the pork.

Turn down the heat until low, and simmer uncovered until the sauce reduces down. Sprinkle chopped onion and parsley and serve.

Adapted from several recipes at Wonderland Bulgaria.

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