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I been struggling with my Burgundian menu for years now. The first time I cooked it was for my friends Alistair and Suzanna - who forgot to come! I didn't mind because the boeuf bourguignon I made in that occasion wasn't very good. Later, I made a Burgundian menu for a Halloween party, but I neglected to write most of the recipes down (I did get the one for gougeres). I do remember that I made a much better version of boeuf bourguignon, and I also served snails with garlic butter (which I was told were fine, I definitely didn't try any) - but I have no idea what I made for dessert. Indeed, dessert has been the hardest part of the meal for me. I think the first time I served pears (or another fruit) in red wine - but I wasn't very happy with that either. I haven't been able to find another dessert that I wanted to make, so I have now decided to skip it altogether.

With no written recipes I had to try again, but I decided to just do the boeuf bourguignon. At least on my 3rd attempt it was very good :-)

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