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I spent a few weeks in Campeche, right after I graduated from college, writing a chapter of a now extinct guide book. Alas, I don't remember anything about what I ate over two and a half decades ago. For whatever reason, I skipped Campeche when I approached "C" cuisines back in the mid 00's, and I returned to it to cook a single dish. Finding one was not easy. While Campeche has several cuisines - and many of them are "hidden" within homes and only shared at faires -, it's best known for its seafood dishes. Alas, I don't eat crusteceans or intelligent marine animals (aka cephalopods), which left me with fish. But getting fish from the Gulf of Mexico here in California is difficult, so I chose to make a dish where the sauce, rather than the the fish, was the star. This is what I made: