A Cantabrian Menu

International Recipes



Cantabria is a land of mountains and seas, of green valleys and prairies, of ample seafood and hearty food. Fish, meats and vegetables are fresh and used at their best. Probably their most typical dish is the cocido montañez, a hearty stew of meat and beans not unlike the Asturian fabada. Their tenderloin in Tresviso sauce (Treviso is a local cheese) also seemed to resemble the Asturian tenderloin in Cabrales sauce. The two areas are close to each other after all.

Most of the recipes seemed to be rather simple and very dependent on local ingredients. I didn't want to cook any of the seafood, not just because I'm not the biggest seafood afficionado, but because the fish here would taste remarkably different. Instead, I decided on a typical stew and a quesada - both of them are foods that can be encountered in a multitude of cuisines, but are still representative of Cantabria. It was a good choice as they were both delicious.