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It's a bit difficult to believe, but prior to this experience, I had never cooked Chinese food. I'm not sure exactly why - though I suspect the fact that it's so easily and cheaply available is a major factor. Still, I was glad to finally come to this cuisine and discover how some of my favorite restaurant dishes are actually made. Boy, was I surprised!

My biggest surprise was that so many Chinese - and in particular Cantonese - dishes are deep fried. Even those that don't seem like it - as in beef with oyster sauce - receive that treatment. I was also surprised by the cooking methods, which often require cooking a meat twice or even thrice, but for very short periods of times. Alas, I don't quite understand how it all works (do feel free to drop me a note and explain it!), but it definitely does. This method seems to be particularly good for producing crispy food, nothing that I cooked was in the least oily.

I made the following dishes over a two-night period. The portions are enough for 4-people as part of a multi-dish dinner. What I cooked was:

Chinese cuisines I've explored so far: Cantonese, Chengdu, Chinese Muslim, Dai, Fujian, Ghizhou, Haipai, Hakka, Hangzhou, Hongkonese, Huaiyang, Hunan, Imperial China, Indo-Chinese, Jiangsu, Jiangxi

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