A Central Germany Culinary Adventure

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Historical central Germany was composed of the German regions of Westphalia, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony and Silesia. Thuringia and Saxony became part of East Germanyafter WWII while Silesia was divided between East Germany and Poland.

I decided to cook Central German food because one of the chapters in my The Cooking Of Germany - Foods Of The World cookbook was dedicated to Central Germany cuisine. It was only after I started that I realized that there is really no such thing. Each region has its own cuisine, which seems to be as related to those of other regions outside Central Germany as within it.

I thus decided to cook traditional dishes from three regions of Central Germany. While pork was historically the preferred meat in much of Germany, I try to avoid pork because the great majority of the pork farmed in the United States comes from factory farms where pigs live under inhumane conditions. This is what I cooked