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Curaçao's cuisine is a reflection of the island's history of colonization. While inherently Caribbean, the cuisine incorporates elements of Spanish, African, European and even Indonesian traditions (the Dutch, which colonized Curaçao, did so also with Indonesia). Curaçao cooks are not shy about finding inspiration on these cuisines while creating something of their own.

I did not cook the national dish of Curaçao, KeshiYená or stuffed cheese, because it required a whole edam cheese (about 2 lbs), and I just did not see how we were going to eat it all (plus we'd have to find a place to buy it). Instead, I chose random Curaçao dishes, choosing what appealed to me. My menu ultimately consisted of:

  • Beef Sate
    Delicious beef kebabs brought to Curaçao from Indonesia by the Dutch
  • Curried peanut chicken
    Showing both African and Indian influences, this is the best peanut stew I've ever had
  • Caribbean Bananas
    Baked with a dash of orange Curaçao liqueur, a taste of the islands

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