A French Guianese Culinary Adventure

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French Guiana is the last European colony in the American continent per se. Now a French overseas department and home to a spaceport, French Guiana was originally settled as a penal colony: Devil's Island. The population is a mixture of creoles - those prisoners who survived were most often forced to stay in the teritory -, Haitians, French, immigrants from Suriname and Brazil and Asians, including Hmong from Laos. As a French department, French Guiana has the highest GDP in South America.

I originally skipped French Guianese cuisine when I cooked "F" cuisines a couple of years ago, I think it just never made it into my list. As far as I can tell, the cuisine of Frenc Guiana is quite similar to that of Guadeloupe - a creole cuisine with French influences on local ingredients. Indeed, I made Chicken Colombo, one of French Guinana's most revered dishes, when I cooked Guadeloupean cuisine.

As with my other originally skipped cuisines, I only made one French Guianese dish: