A Gibraltar Culinary Adventure

Other Cuisines

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Gibraltar's cuisine is the ultimate fusion cuisine. The "rock" was captured by the British from Spain in the early 18th century and has served as naval base since then. Through the centuries it has attracted traders and immigrants from Genoa, Malta and North Africa, and its population - as its cuisine - is a mixture of them all.

Gibraltar has no agriculture to speak of, so most of the food needs to be imported. During times of war or blockade, this meant Gibraltarians also had to develop a cuisine based on making do with whatever they could get their hands on.

I cooked several of their most typical dishes:

  • Calentita
    a very old and traditional bread made of chickpea flour
  • Rosto
    Pasta with meat and carrot sauce
  • Shakshouka
    An addictive tomato sauce and egg dish with North African origins
  • Torrijas
    Gibraltar's version of French Toast.