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I "only" discovered Irish-American food a couple of decades ago, after I had children and started celebrating all those cutie American holidays that I was able to easily ignore before. Well, not that easily in the case of St. Patrick's day - the American celebration of all things Irish - because the rule is that if you are not wearing something green, everyone can pinch you. This was a strongly enforced rule at the Junior High school where I landed when I first came to America.

Since then, St. Patrick's day has been the time when I enjoy Irish-American food, mostly at a fundraiser for the local Democratic party where local firefighters cook corned beef, cabbage and mashed potatoes. When I've cooked, I've made the occasional Irish stew, but usually using beef.

So my exploration of Irish-American food was mostly of the familiar (what's not familiar are things I know I wouldn't like). It was a good trip.

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