A Jerezano Culinary Adventure

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Jerez de la Frontera is a city in the Spanish province of Cádiz, in Andalusia. It's most famous for the wine that bears its name, jerez or sherry, in English. While Jerez has been producing wines since 1100 BCE, when the Phoenicians introduced grapes into the area, it wasn't until the Moors introduced distillation, perhaps in the 9th century, that sherry wine was created. After the Spaniards took the city in the 13th century, production of sherry increased and sherry became a coveted and priced wine throughout Europe. The English were particularly fond of it, and founded several of the most important sherry producers in Jerez.

Sherry wine is thus a feature of many Jerezano recipes, which otherwise very much fall within the greater Spanish culinary tradition. Jerez is known for its many restaurants and bars, where those traditions live on.

In all, this was one of my most successful culinary adventures, I enjoyed everything I made.