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Korean cuisine utilizes a wide variety of grains - with rice prized above all -, meats, seafood and vegetables. It mostly excludes dairy, though beef is a favorite meat. Kimchi, salted and fermented vegetables - most often Napa cabbage - is eaten as a side in every meal.

A typical Korean lunch will consist of a soup or stew, rice and kimchi, or a one-meal dish (noodles, or rice bowls) and kimchy. A typical dinner will include a main dish, a soup or stew, rice, kimchi and at least two or three banchan, or side dishes. The more important the occasion - or the guests! - the more banchan you serve. Each person is given their own bowl of soup or stew and their own bowl of rice, with the main dish placed in the middle of the table surrounded by the banchan. Diners can then take what they want from the common dishes.

For my Korean meal, this is what I made:

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