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A Caveat

We went to the Montclair Egg Shop for a Father's Day brunch (June 2004) on our friend Boris' recommendation. He liked the food and the model train that makes its way from one side to the other of the long room. It's not the only toy of that kind there; a clown on a cycle makes it back and forth on a tightrope near the entrance, and two gondola cabins go back and forth near the train. There are also other toys and fun stuff upstairs, though the stairs were roped off during our visit.

Being Father's Day, there was quite a wait (30 to 45 minutes), just enough for a walk around the block with a stop to taste cheese at A.G. Ferrari and look at toys at a neighborhood store. Once we got in, service was good and efficient.

The Egg Shop has a somewhat eclectic breakfast menu featuring classics such as waffles and French toast as well as scrambles and potato pancakes. They also have some specials that include lunch items such as an Angus burger. Most of the items seem to be about $7.

That morning I decided on the chilaquiles, a weekend special. Their version consisted of soft tortillas in a spicy yet light tomato sauce, topped with Mexican cheese cubes and sour cream. They were very good; the freshness of the sour cream and cheese contrasted nicely with the spiciness of the sauce, so that each bite was both piquant and soothing. I would certainly order the dish again. It came with two eggs and two slices of bread. I also had a lemon scone (there selection of breads/pastries is very limited), which was very lemony and we all liked.

Kathy had the French toast with whipped cream and bananas. The French toast wasn't anything special, but it was well made and came with Maple syrup. Kathy really liked the bananas. Mike also enjoyed his scramble.

Kathy and I had hot chocolate which was good, though not exceptional.

There are high chairs for little ones and the place is very popular with families; there were many babies and toddlers that day. There isn't a changing table in the bathroom, though, and the floor didn't seem clean enough to chance changing your baby there. Mika was very interested in the toys, but even more interested in a big, friendly dog lying down just outside the restaurant.

In all we had a very enjoyable brunch and I'd certainly go back again. The bill came to $30.

Montclair Egg Shop
6126 Medau Place
Oakland, Ca
(510) 339-9554