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A Caveat

I love Indian food, if I could, I'd eat it every days - alas, I can't cook it and there are very few Indian restaurants near San Leandro, where we live. Unfortunately none of them are particularly great. Kabila, which we tried a Saturday evening on November 2000, would also fit this description.

Kabila is located in an "industrial" area in Union City- surrounded by huge company buildings and parking lots. Given its location, I'd say it serves mostly as a lunch place (they do serve a lunch buffet). The restaurant itself is pretty small and characterless, certainly not a place where you'd go for the ambience. There were a few diners that evening, including some Indians, and other people stopped by for "to-go" orders. Still, the place felt very empty, as restaurants tend to feel when they are approaching closing time - though we were there much earlier.

The menu is very typical, serving the same North Indian dishes that appear in most Indian restaurants in the Bay Area. They were all in the reasonable-to-cheap side, most entries are under $9 The food was fine but not spectacular. We ordered some of our favorite dishes, chicken pakora, lamb pasanda, chicken tikka masala and keema nan. I also had a sweet lassi. The chicken pakora was pretty good, it came in large pieces, hot and tender. The entries were fine, though they tasted rather different from the dishes other restaurants serve under the same names. The lamb pasanda, for example, didn't have even a hint of sweetness, and the tikka masala didn't taste smoky. We had asked for medium spiciness, and they were a bit more spicy than what we like - if we were to go again, we'd probably ask for not spicy dishes.

I doubt, however, that we'll go again. The food wasn't good enough to make up for the lack of atmosphere. We will continue, however, to look for a good Indian place in the area - if you know one, let us know.

29286 Union City Blvd.
Union City