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India Palace has been our Indian restaurant of choice since we moved to San Leandro. I love Indian food and we've been unable to find better alternatives in the area. The quality of the food, however, seems to have deteriorated lately, so I don't think we're in much of a rush to go back there.

The restaurant is pleasant enough, it has some inside-windows with faux-balconies, and it's more tastefully decorated than other Indian places. Service tends to be good, water glasses are replenished frequently, and waits between dishes tend to be adequate.

The food is generally OK, though in our last visit (12/01) it was rather bland. We usually have chicken pakora as an appetizer. The chicken pieces are usually rather large (about 2-bites worth), and the accompanying sauces are very nice. The chicken is usually warm and tender, with a perhaps too-thick crust.

Both the keema nam and the kabuli naam are OK, though perhaps not as flavorful as we like them. We've tried the paratha before, but were not too pleased with it. The sweet lassis, also, leave much to be desired. I've only ordered them twice - the first time, it was so sour I wasn't sure if the yogurt had gone bad, and the second one it was just sour and not very sweet.

The entries tend to be OK, but usually pretty mild and without much complexity. Of these, we've found the rogan josh to be particularly good, and the chicken vindaloo to be particularly lacking. In our last visit we had the lamb pasanda which was extremely bland, and the chicken tika masala which was more aromatic but still could have use some spicing and smoking up.

Most appetizers tend to be between $2 and $4.50, and entries run from $7 for vegetarian fare to $14 for a tandori mix grill.

India Palace
737 Buena Vista Ave.
510 814 8778