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Pyzano's pizza is a nice, friendly pizzeria in Castro Valley. It's famous for hand-tossed pizza dough (the owner has won many an international contest) and there is some entertainment value, especially for children, in watching the pizza makers toss the pizzas high on the air. I'm not sure it that really makes for a superior pizza crust, but I have to admit that Pyzano's crust is quite tasty.

The pizzas are not out-of-this-world good (though tastes in pizza vary incredibly from individual to individual) but they are quite tasty. On our last visit, Regina had a pizza with pesto and fresh tomatoes on a thin crust that she really enjoyed. Mike and Boris shared one of those pizzas that have every kind of meat in the world and were quite happy with it, while I ordered a Hawaiian calzone and was a bit disappointed. As I mentioned, I liked the dough and each topping by itself was good (though with fresh pineapples in season, it's a pity they were using canned ones) but the calzone was too large to be eaten all at once. When cut, the dough and the items separated and each went their own way. Next time, I'd probably just order a pizza.

Drinks are cheap and the place is child friendly, Mika spent a lot of time on the other side of the room "playing" video games with a number of other small children. The pizzeria is bright and light and looks clean and modern, so this is a good alternative for parents who want to go to a "nice" place for dinner with their little ones.

Pyzano's Pizza
3835 E. Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley , CA
(510) 881-8878