On the Road: Restaurant Reviews









We live in the US (more precisely in California) where traveling by car is more a necessity than a choice. We get on the road to visit our parents, to do mini-tourism in the area, and even when we visit other parts of the country. Roadside dining is not usually a gourmet experience (though we're still hoping it can be), but the quality of road restaurants does vary. For this reason I'm including these mini reviews. Restaurants are rated in a modified D scale. A restaurant whose quality is Denny's like (Denny's is an ubiquitous restaurant chain in US roads, its quality is low but consistent and it's open 24-hours a day) gets a D, a restaurant that is worse than Denny's a D- and one that is better than Denny's a D+. "Better than expected" restaurants get a B while "actually good" restaurants an A. Don't expect many of the latter.

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