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Summary: Very good Thai food at this strip mall restaurant

Top Thai RestaurantA few weeks ago, one of my faithful readers wrote to say that Dolci Amore, the overpriced Italian restaurant in Castro Valley, had closed (can't say I was surprised) and that a new and good Thai place - Top Thai - had opened in its place. We love Thai so of course we had to check it out. We ended up going there on a Friday evening in July 2006 with our friend Arthur, his mother and the kids. It was a good choice as the food was excellent. I did not bring a take-out menu home, however, so I'm writing from memory alone.

Arthur ordered some type of soup and no, I don't remember what it was. But it was great. I'm not a soup eater in general, but this one was creamy, slightly sweet and just delicious. I'm going to have to grill Arthur as to what it was.

I had the panang chicken. It was one of the best panangs I'd ever had. I'm not an afficionado of spicy food, and this one had barely any kick (though of course, you could ask for it spicier), but it was wonderfully seasoned. The sauce was intense and delicious, and held up quite well the next day. The chicken itself was nondescript, however.

Both Mike and I liked the sauce on Mike's chicken pra ram (chicken with spinach and peanut sauce), though Eda, Arthur's mom, just thought it was just OK. She was a bit miffed when her dish was served with un-advertised red peppers, as she's terribly allergic to them. They did bring her a new dish when she explained that to them, however.

Arthur had some sort of yellow curry (it might even have been yellow curry) which he liked quite a bit. I thought it was also very good - and again, quite mild - though not as good as the panang. He disagreed. The girls both enjoyed the chicken pad thai, which we found good, mild but otherwise unremarkable.

The portions were quite generous, and we were too stuffed for dessert.

In all we had a good meal, and I'd certainly go back - and write a more comprehensive report next time.

Top Thai
3837 Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley, CA
(510) 538-4400