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I ran across the website for Tyme for Tea while web surfing, and immediately e-mailed our friends Regina and Boris to invite them to go. Regina was born in England and, in addition to a wonderful fake British accent, she's kept a genuine fondness for tea. Neither Mike nor Boris particularly like tea, but they're usually game for anything so we all agreed to go on a Sunday in late February.

We ended up at the Tyme for Tea store/teahouse around noon. We hadn't made reservations and normally this would be a problem, as the place filled up very quickly, apparently with people that had reservations. The hostess/waitress, however, did not think to ask us if we had reservations until after she had seated us and taken our order, so we got to eat there anyway.

The menu is rather brief. It features a variety of teas, small pastries, tea sandwiches, scones and a few croissant and bagel sandwiches. Regina and I both went for the Victorian Tea, which features a little of everything, while the boys decided on the chicken pecan croissant.

Both Regina and I had the Assam tea and we found it to be rather weak. I don't think we'd order it again. The very hot scone, served with lemon curd and creme fraiche (strangely enough, not clotted cream) was good, though a little bit dry, and quite small. The same can be said about the small pastries (both savory and sweet). The chicken pecan croissants were much more substantial and actually quite good, though at $10 a bit expensive.

The tea house shares space with a consignment antique store, which adds to its Victorian flair. The clientele was all female and middle aged. The delicate porcelain tea cups were lovely, and for me, the best part of the experience.


We went to a Tyme for Tea again in January 2007, as part of our monthly tea gatherings. This time we enjoyed quite a bit. The atmosphere, with all the antiques and the hats for customers to wear, was still over the top, but the service was incredibly good, attentive, cheerful, friendly without being overbearing. We also quite enjoyed the food, and were quite full by the end. Perhaps this was because we came later in the afternoon and we had all had something to eat before hand. I quite enjoyed the crumbling scone, and the sandwiches were all quite good. The three tiny pastries were probably the least successful, though by the time we got to them a small dessert was all we wanted. I'll note that Tyme for Tea also serves coffee, and as I mentioned originally, sandwiches (a bit expensive at $10), so it's also a place where you can stop for lunch - or with your male counterparts.

Tyme for Tea
37501 Niles Boulevard
Fremont, CA
(510) 790-0944