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It's becoming easier and easier to get recipes for popular destinations such as the Bahamas, as websites promoting tourism to such places often include them amidst offers for rental property and updates on the weather. I was thus faced with a very nice selection of recipes for my Bahamian adventure.

At first, I was very ambitious. As I had decided to cook Bahamian food for my family rather than for a dinner party, I thought I could try several dishes over 2 or 3 days. My original plans was to make macaroni & cheese, rice & peas, fish, stuffed spare ribs and finish it off with coconut custard, banana custard and baked bananas. Oh, and let's not forget the Johnny cakes and the banana bread. Then, reality set in. Now that I have a baby I have, at most, an hour to cook each evening and I'm not the fastest cook in the west by any means. Plus, as much as I like cooking, it is work and I don't want to spend all of my scant spare time cooking. Therefore I greatly trimmed my menu and only ended up making 3 not-very-complicated dishes.

Bahamian cuisine uses a lot of seafood, as one would expect given that these are islands. Conch, in particular, is very popular and is served in many ways. Even if I could find conch at the local market, however, it's not something I'd like to try so I decided to skip it in favor of a more traditional coconut fish dish - coconut being another ubiquitous element of Bahamian cuisine.

My final menu consisted of:

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