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Coconut Flan

Quindim is a very popular Brazilian dessert and there are dozens of recipes for it. One of them comes from an anti-cancer website, so despite the fat and sugar content, there are health advantages to eating it :-).

I adapted the following recipe from several that I found online. It was delicious, but there wasn't enough for 8 portions, I'd say it serves 4 large portions or 6 medium-size ones. But it's so good that next time I'd double the recipe. I would also probably reduce the sugar by 1/4 cup (it was rather sweet) and increase the coconut milk by a few spoonfuls.

I used fresh coconut, which I shredded, and I'm sure it made a difference. If you want to use packaged sweetened one, I would reduce the sugar by half.





Preheat the oven to 375F. Grease ramekins and sprinkle side and bottom with sugar.

Mix all the ingredients together with an electric or hand mixer. Spoon into the ramskins. Put in a deep pan, pour 1/2" of water into the pan and cook in the water bath until the top browns, about an hour.

Adapted from several recipes.

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