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Hyderabadi cuisine occupies a distinctive place in the culinary landscape of India. The cuisine of Hyderabadi Muslims, it became a royal cuisine in particular during the time of the Nizams, from the 18th century on. It has been influenced by foreign cuisines, in particular those of Turkey, Persia, Central Asia and the Middle East, but it is very much its own. Indeed, you can find versions of Hyderabadi dishes in the cuisines of India and Pakistan which are, nonetheless, different from the original.

While there are many interesting Hyderabadi dishes, I limited myself to recipes that weren't too complicated or needed me to find exotic ingredients. In addition to the recipes below, I also made chicken korma - but I mixed several recipes together in making it and forgot what I'd actually done by the time I went to write it up. The recipes below were generally pretty good - in particular considering that I am horrible at cooking Indian food.

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