A Jordanian Culinary Adventure

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The cuisine of Jordan is characteristic of Levantine cuisine, and falls within the larger spectrum of Middle Eatern cuisine. It's a cuisine that incorporates the culinary traditions of nomadic Bedouins as well as settled people who have practiced agriculture for millennia. It's rich in meats, but also vegetables, and includes varied types of cooking, from grilling and baking to stewing. Many of the most popular Jordanian dishes are well known to the west through other Middle Eastern cuisines, from kebabs to hummus and felafel. Others are less universal.

I first visited Jordan the summer before my college year abroad in Egypt. I spent about a fortnight there and visited much of the country. As I was traveling on a small budget I ate at the cheapest restaurants, and I don't remember much about the culinary experiences I had there. The same is unfortunately true of the 2-3 days I spent in Jordan 2-3 days later, this time on my way to India. I was thus excited to actually cook Jordanian cuisine and pay more attention to it.

This is what I made: