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Sach moan kho ma nor

Chicken with pineapple

Cambodian Chicken with pineappleAmong the specialties of Cambodian cuisine are caramelized dishes - dishes to which caramelized sugar gives a hint of sweetness. This was a new technique for me, and definitely one I was happy to try - for this dish of chicken with pineapple was delicious. It wasn't too sweet, despite the pineapple, it was well balanced and just plain satisfying. Definitely it made Cambodian cuisine proud.

The only thing I would alter if making it again is decreasing the amount of soy sauce - I thought it was a little too soyi. My husband disagreed, however.

I'm not sure if the original recipe called for boneless chicken, but I thought that was the best way to prepare this dish. I used thighs, as my daughter prefers dark meat, but you can use chicken breasts. I used canned pineapple, as the fresh pineapples at the supermarket weren't ripe enough. Feel free to use either. I also skipped the optional hot peppers (use 2 sliced birds eye peppers if you want) and the black pepper - as my kids don't like spicy food, and I forgot to add the two chopped green onions. I don't think it mattered.

Chicken with pineapple


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