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Even after cooking several Cambodian dishes at home, I'm sort of baffled by Cambodian cuisine. There is no doubt that it falls completely in the South East Asian cuisine spectrum, its dishes would be recognizable to someone who knows Vietnamese, and to a lesser extent, Thai food. Given the geographical location of the country, that is to be expected. But the Cambodian dishes I've tasted, both here and in Cambodia, are nowhere as spicy as their Thai cousins. Cambodian home cooking also feels less refined that those of its neighbors - though I must admit that the food at local Cambodian restaurants is significantly more upscale.

In all, expect stir fries, fried foods, soups (not really much in the way of curries) and their special caramelized dishes.

I cooked the different recipes listed here on several different nights, as we are only two adults plus two kids for dinner (and they don't eat much). A Cambodian meal would consist of several dishes from which all would partake. My "menu" consisted of:

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