A Japanese Culinary Adventure

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Japanese cuisine is one of the most refined, distinctive and iconic in the whole world. It is extremely diverse, and some of its most famous dishes - sushi, in particular - rely on techniques that take years to acquire. But Japan is also a country of busy people, which has led to the development of quick and easy dishes to eat at home as well as the development of all sorts of standardized restaurant food. I've never been to Japan, so I've tried to recreate a little bit of everything in this journey. I hit very traditional dishes such as miso soup (essential at every Japanese meal) as well as yoshoku dishes that evolved out of Japan's contact with the west, such as chicken katsu. I tried home cooking favorites such as chicken kare, or curry, and fast-food restaurant staples such as chicken wings and parfaits. I even made a corn soup, which Japanese often buy at vending machines! What I did not cook was sushi or fish. I recognize my technical limitations.

This was definitely a delicious journey - save for the miso soup, which I will have to leave for the experts in the future.