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Japanese-style Strawberry Parfait

This is a dessert recipe.

Japanese-style Strawberry Parfait

As the story goes, parfaits originated in France whence they came to America and then on to Japan. The custard originally used became yogurt in American shores and ice cream in Japan. The Japanese added all sorts of embellishments to their parfaits, creating dozens if not hundreds of varieties. Today, parfait shops compete to sell the tastiest and most beautiful parfaits all over the country. In addition to the ubiquitous corn flakes and ice cream, parfaits often include fresh fruits, syrups, cakes, mochi, jellies, bean pastes and more.

I decided on parfait as my dessert for my Valentine's day dinner, so of course it had to be red - thus strawberries. Mine was a very easy version, but still very tasty. I actually had wanted to incorporate Japanese sponge cake, but I ran out of time to make it.

For this recipe, I added sugar to some of the strawberries to draw up their juices and create a syrup. I don't know if the Japanese actually do that, but I figured that would be tastier than any strawberry syrup I could buy. You can omit the sugar and just used chopped or slice strawberries instead.


Japanese-style Strawberry Parfait


  • 1 lb strawberry
  • 3 Tbsp sugar
  • 2/3 cup con flakes
  • 1 quart vanilla ice cream
  • whipped cream
  • 8 pocky sticks


Dice 2/3rds the strawberries, place in a bowl and mix with the sugar. Slice the rest. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Divide the cornflakes between four tall glasses. Add a scoop of ice cream to each. Divide 2/3rds of the diced strawberries and syrup among the four glasses. Top with another scoop of ice cream and then the remaining diced strawberries. Decorate with whipped cream, sliced strawberries and pocky sticks.

Adapted from several recipes.

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