Granny's and Gladys' Recipe Book



Granny and Gladys, my dad's mother and sister, were famous among their friends in La Plata for their cakes and other baked goods - which they made usually for special occasions. Granny was American of German extraction, though she lived in Argentina since her marriage at 21, and the desserts she baked were quite unusual in my Latin country. They were also delicious. Aunt Gladys died a couple of years ago, and I have inherited her (rather brief) recipe book and her 1953 copy of Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook. I remember many happy days in their apartment kitchen staring at the illustrations in the book while watching Granny make something yummy.

I've decided to slowly copy the recipes in their notebook so that they won't be lost. The pages are already brittle and disintegrating. I'll also slowly start cooking/baking their dishes and adding my own commentary to the recipes.

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Granny's and Gladys' Recipe Book

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