An Angolan Menu

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Angola, as its neighbor Mozambique, was established as a Portuguese colony and its food and cuisine owe much to the old colonial power. The Portuguese not only imported their foodstuff and cooking methods to Angola, but those of its other colonies, so that today Angolan cuisine is not very different from Brazilian cuisine. Some of the dishes I cooked are well known in Brazil.

While I ended up being quite happy with the menu I cooked, it wasn't my first choice. I had originally planned to make piri-piri shrimp and muamba de galinha, however a critical ingredient of this last dish is palm oil and I couldn't find any. The store where I used to buy it burned down, and while I could find almost every other kind of oil in Berkeley, palm oil did not seem to be available. That meant that I had to change my menu at the last minute. Fortunately, this did not end up being too much of a problem.

What I ended up serving was:

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