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The American state of Kentucky is best known for three things: the Kentucky Derby - a horse race preceded by a two-week festival which takes place every year in May -, Kentucky bourbon - a type of whiskey made primarily from corn , and bluegrass music, a style of folk music born in Appalachia back in the 1940's and named after the type of grass grown in the state. While I'm not sure whether the latter has any influence in Kentuckian cuisine, both the Derby and bourbon have inspired some of Kentucky's most unique dishes, including those I cooked. Beyond them, Kentuckian cuisine falls within the larger spectrum of Appalachian and American Southern cuisines, with some peculiarities due to Kentucky's location at the edge of the American Mid-West. Kentucky also has its own styles (plural) of BBQ, and is most famous for its BBQ mutton. I didn't attempt to make it, but perhaps one day I'll get to try it. My husband, who has been to Frankfurt, Kentucky's capital, remembers it most for its distilleries.

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