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I have lived in the US for almost 17 years, most of my life, but I have never really explored American food per se. Of course, I have eaten in diners and other chain American restaurants, but I never venture much beyond cheeseburgers or baby-back ribs. Indeed, in this 17-years I still haven't tried meatloaf or maccaroni and cheese.

This year I did have an American b-b-q for 4th of July, with hamburgers, hot-dogs, ribs, potato-salad and (store-bought) apple-pie, so for my American dinner I wanted something different. I also wanted to cook main dishes that were relatively low in fat and cholesterol to accommodate one of our guests. The menu I came up with is probably not "typical" American, whatever that is, but I think each dish is very representative of the type of food Americans eat (or ate). I must admit that this time I "cheated" and made both mashed potatoes and stuffing from a box. I have made them by hand before and found that I liked the box version better.

Please note that I will also be cooking food from specific American groups and regions. For this "American" menu I wanted dishes that could be found across the country.

The menu I prepared consisted of:

Cuisines from American states: American, Alabamian, Arizonan,Californian, Connecticuter, Delawarean, Floridian, Hawaiian, Idahoan, Illinoisan, Kansan

Ethnic American cuisines: American, African-American, Cuban-American, German-American, Hungarian-American, Irish-American, Italian-American, Jewish American, Korean-American

Antebellum, Colonial, Cajun, Creole

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