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Botswanans seem to have a varied diet. They eat meats of most types, fresh and dried vegetables, beans, nuts, porridge and fruits. Mopane worms, served boiled or deep fried, are a regional specialty. And yet, finding Botswanan recipes was a bit of a challenge. None of my cookbooks had any (though I'll admit to having a limited number of cookbooks) and the online offerings were very limited. I ended up going with the "menu" I found on a website which now seems to have disappeared. It included Seswaa, a meat dish cooked on very special occasions mostly by men, a cabbage dish and "phalestshe", a porridge made of corn meal and corn flour cooked together. Alas, I couldn't easily found the white cornmeal and white cornflour that last recipe asked for, so I skipped it and served the food over regular yellow cornmeal mush instead.

  • Seswaa
    A shredded beef dish
  • Cabbage
    stewed with onions and tomatoes and served as a condiment/side
  • Cornmeal Mush

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